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It's a festival for Grindhouse films mother sucker!

A home for the biggest, baddest, in your face, down your throat, melt your brain Horror, Sci-fi, Action, Martial Arts, Exploitation, Mobsploitation, Sexploitation and everything-elsploitation. You will find no dramas, no rom-coms and no musicals ( unless totally twisted )

The best new Grindhouse movies are shown at an epic festival held at 369 Film Studios in the heart of the Midlands on Sunday 6th October 2024.

What you will find at the Grindhouse Planet festival is a playlist of movies like no other from 12 noon til midnight. Each film is selected by a Panel of Grindhouse connoisseurs form around the globe. The festival is for film fans and filmmakers to meet like-minded people, have a drink, watch some movies and have a bloody good time. There is a movie stall hosted by The Cult Movie Store where some rare Grindhouse flicks can be purchased and there is also a chance to attend Q&A sessions with some of the planet's best Grindhouse directors and producers.

Tickets go on sale 1st September.


There is more! Much more!! How about a music festival at the same time? You got it. As well as all of the awesome films, there are live bands playing throughout the day. From Thrash Metal and Punk to Acoustic & Electronic, there is something for everyone.


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Director of modern Grindhouse classics such as Home Made and Tortured. Prolific exploitation filmmaker Jason Impey will be taking part in a Filmmaker Q&A giving us some insights into the filmmaking process as well as giving us a preview of a truly remarkable Grindhouse documentary that he's currently working on - VIPCO - The Untold Story
Grindhouse legend, Poster Artist extraordinaire and author of VHS Video Cover Art. Thomas Hodge aka The Dude Dsigns is responsible for the artwork for films such as Hobo With A Shotgun, They Live!, Wolf Cop, The Toxic Avenger, Heat, The Exterminator, Savage Streets and many many more Grindhouse classics.
Writer and Director of modern classic Grindhouse feature films such as Killersaurus, Nocturnal Activity / The Haunting of Annie Dyer, Footsoldier and The Silencer. Steve will be available for signings and will also be taking part in an insightful filmmaking Q&A session.
George Newton
Iconic screen actor George Newton is a regular feature on our TV screens and at the cinema. George's credits include his pivotal roles as 'Bango' in Shane Meadows' Film & TV Series 'This is England' and 'Gypsy John' in Modern Grindhouse Classic 'Dead Man's Shoes.'
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If you have a Grindhouse film that you would like to submit to the festival, please use the filmfreeway link below. We accept shorts and features in any Grindhouse genre.
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