Official Selection 2016

Title: Border

Director: Laurent Rouy

Studio: Laurent Rouy

Catagory: Best Int'l Short

Synopsis: The year is 2022 and life has become unbearable in the wealthy West. Tens of thousands of people from rich countries now want to immigrate to poor Serbia where people still feel joy, love life.


Title: Free Monkeys

Director: Cengiz Akayun

Studio: Cengiz Akayun

Catagory: Best Int'l Short

Synopsis: A successful manager gets taken and finds himself in an unknown surrounding.

Website: n/a

Title: Shok

Director: Jamie Donoughue

Studio: Eagle Eye Films LLC (Kosovo)

Eagle Eye Media Ltd. (UK)

Catagory: Best Short

Synopsis: Based on true events during the Kosovo War


Title: Amy

Director: Oliver Kember

Studio: Oliver Kember

Catagory: Best Super Short

Synopsis: In Middle America, in a time gone by, one man finally meets the girl of his dreams. His romance skills, however, aren't quite up to snuff…


Title: Arrival

Director: Alex Myung

Studio: Alex Myung

Catagory: Best Short

Synopsis: Sometimes escaping into life's adventures isn't enough. All stories end and choices must be made.


Title: Rococo Neuron

Director: Wataru Yanagida


Catagory: Best International Short

Synopsis: Rococo is helping Mori-maaa developing ”applications”. When Mori-maaa starts up one of her new apps, a vulgar guy appears in front of these two women.


Title: The Suitor

Director: Álvaro Congosto

Studio: Álvaro Congosto

Catagory: Best International Short

Synopsis: October 30th, 1938. During Orson Welles' infamous radio broadcast of War of the Worlds, a lonely man tries to bond with a panicked young woman as they fearfully wait for the end of the world together.