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Toxic Apocalypse on Amazon Prime

Our debut feature film Toxic Apocalypse is now available to buy, rent and stream ( free for members ) on Amazon Prime!

Check it out now.

Halloween Reunion

Cast and crew of The Wrong Floor will re-unite for the Grindhouse Planet 48 Hour Film Challenge with a new Slasher trailer - Halloween Reunion to be screened at The Grindhouse Planet Film Festival on 27th November.





A short showreel from Roasted Film's Director - Marc Hamill. Features some exclusive clips from two forthcoming feature films - Alien Convent and Halloween Reunion.

Halloween Reunion. A faux trailer created for the Grindhouse Planet 48-Hour Film Challenge.

Roasted Films is an independent film production company form the midlands UK. We specalise in Grindhouse style B-movie feature films and experimental shorts. Roasted Films was established in 2013. Roasted Films is based at Roasted Studios in Leicester.


As independent grindhouse film makers, we strive to deliver films that entertain first and foremost.




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